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Risc PC 2 - 'Phoebe'


Peter Fox

Project Manager


o Overview of the design and discussion of key specification points

o Walk through of the block diagram and the motherboard etc

o New case design and structure etc

o Preparation for Wakefield - An update of where we are.

o Questions and hopefully answers!!


"It's beige and runs on electricity"

Dilbert 1996

Processing Power

o Processor 233Mhz StrongARM running at 64MHz I/O on

expansion card

o Performance approx 450k Dhrystones

o Proc. Expansion Hardware support for upto 4 x 233Mhz

StrongARMs on single processor card

o FPA support Not available


o New bus architecture to improve performance and reliability at

high speed. - No more stretched Mclk etc.

o Will interface to SDRAM, EDO VRAM

o Can support multiple bus masters - multiple interrupts and bus


o Contains SRAM area for message passing between bus masters

o Upto 8 I/O DMA channels and 3 fixed DMA channels


o SDRAM 2 x 168 pin SDRAM DIMMs

Expansion possible upto 512MB

1 x 32MB SDRAM DIMM as standard.

o ROM 4MB - board layout allocated for up to 8MB.

o VRAM 4MB EDO VRAM fitted to board

o CMOS RAM 256 bytes of battery backed CMOS RAM


o VIDC20 New 0.6u Technology - 100% performance inc.

o VRAM EDO VRAM running between 40-50Mhz

o Resolution 1024x768 non-interlaced in 32bpp and

1280x1024 16bpp

Final bandwidth permitting support for upto

1600x1200 in 16bpp


o Floppy drive Single 2MB unformatted as per RISC PC

o Hard disc 1x 6.4GB IDE HD with expansion for a further 3.

Running with PIO mode 4 - peak TX of 16.6Meg.

o CD ROM/DVD 32x slot CD ROM fitted as standard.

DVD ROM upgrade possible if using MPEG

video card and IDE interface. DVD currently on


Expansion ports

o Parallel port Enhanced bi-directional multimode parallel port

as per RISC PC

o Serial ports 2 standard PC-AT style ports. One a reduced

functionality port. Each supporting an improved

baud rate

o IrDA support second serial port will double as IrDA interface.

o Keyboard modern designed keyboard with PS/2 interface.

o Mouse Stylish 3 button mouse with PS/2 interface.

Sound System

o Sound system 16 bit digital CD quality provided by

Soundblaster compatible CODEC and VIDC20

sound systems. The Soundblaster sound and

Acorn sound are mixed with CD/DVD output

o Line input Stereo 3.5mm jack socket on rear

o Microphone input Mono 3.5mm jack socket on front of case

o Internal speaker Mono

o Headphone output Fitted on front, inserting headphone switches off

speakers. Doubles as line output


o Joystick 15 way D-type standard PC game port for dual

joystick support

o MIDI support MIDI input and output at rate of 31.25K baud on

game port. MPU-401 compatible UARTs

o ID Currently under investigation - looking at

I2C devices etc.

o RTC As per RISC PC within CMOS RAM IC

Expansion Cards

o PCI interface 4 slots compliant with PCI 2.1 spec (33Mhz

32Bit PCI)

o Podule Backplane connector similar to RISC PC's

allowing 3 slots

o Network support 10 and 100 Base-T Ethernet support using a

PCI card slot if req.

Case Design

o Case type NLX Mini Tower case, volume of

450x450x190mm (approx.).

o PSU 230W NLX standard PSU

o Drive bays 3 x 5.25, 1 x 3.5 visible bays, and 2 x 3.5

hidden bays (1 x EIDE drive, CD and 3.5 floppy

fitted as standard)

o Free Drive Bays 2 x 5.25 visible expansion bays and 1 x 3.5

hidden as standard

Progress to date

o A functional machine using an FPGA solution for the IOMD2 device.

Speed limited to 16Mhz due to FPGA, with Video running at 32Mhz.

o Currently running to desktop with limited modules and PS/2


o remainder of the project not relying on the HW progressing well.

o Wakefield show will be more functional and slightly faster.